What we do

The company

FF Ventures is a company that aims to become a leading reference in the renewable energy sector, and which operates throughout the entire value chain of the lifecycle of RES projects (development, financing, construction and operation).

The company was incorporated in 2018, with the initial objective of developing solar photovoltaic projects in the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal). Nowadays the company currently has a pipeline of projects under development of approximately 2,2 GW in Spain and 1,2 GW in Portugal (for an approximate total of 3,4 GW in Iberia).

What we do: FF Ventures develops a variety of projects from scratch all the way up to commissioning and operation:

Photovoltaic solar projects, both terrestrial and floating

Photovoltaic solar projects, both on land and floating.

Onshore wind projects

Onshore wind projects.

Hybridization of projects

Project hybridization.

Storage projects using battery systems (BESS)

Storage projects using battery systems (BESS).

Through the JV IberBlue Wind, floating offshore wind projects

Through the JV IberBlue Wind, we develop floating offshore wind projects.