Strategic shareholders

Octopus Energy Generation

From the beginnings of FF Ventures Octopus has supported the company and participated in its shareholding. Octopus is one of Europe’s largest and most relevant investment funds focused on renewable energy projects.

Octopus Energy Generation at a glance:

of potential generation capacity of fully constructed projects across 11 countries and 8 technologies.
of large scale energy assets acquired since inception in 2010. Current portfolio is nearly 250 large scale and over 4,500 small scale assets.
energy construction projects executed and managed historically.
Octopus Energy Generation

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TimeToAct Capital

On December 2022 TimeToAct Capital joined FF Ventures as one of its shareholders. TimeToAct Capital is an investment group specialized in climate and impact strategies on a global basis.

The group is notably involved in Energy Transition, Nature-based Solutions and Venture Greentech minority investments in developing markets, with solutions aimed at tackling climate change.